Isn't it time for your website to become as intelligent as your InfusionSoft account?


You have a website... But everyone's seeing the same exact stuff. Your subscribers are still seeing your newsletter opt-in form, and you're promoting your products to existing customers. Valuable real estate is being wasted by sending the wrong message!

You're putting InfusionSoft to work by intelligently emailing just the right people — so isn't it time you do the same with your Wordpress website?

I want to introduce you to Conversion Funnel for Wordpress, my brand new plugin which is dramatically increasing my sales by presenting offers based on where someone is in my sales funnel.

How I use Conversion Funnel for Wordpress in my business

New visitor? Show a newsletter opt-in form or a free downloadable. Already subscribed? Promote your introductory product or invite them to join a relationship-building webinar. Maybe they're already a loyal customer? Offer an exclusive discount on a premium product or service of yours. The possibilities are endless, and you're in full control.

How It Works

Here's how you can have Conversion Funnel for Wordpress up and running in less than an hour:

Install our Wordpress plugin, and let us know what InfusionSoft tags you want us to track. Next, create your various call-to-actions (your opt-in forms, banner ads, etc.) Then you just need to define your conversion funnel and add one line of code to your template.

This takes just a few minutes to setup — you're probably going to be spending most of your time creating brand new call-to-actions now that you're no longer limited to just your opt-in form.

And then your website is ready to go.

Now, whenever you email someone with a link to your website or redirect after a web form is filled out, we'll cookie your customer and track how you've tagged them. Whenever they pull up your website, we'll figure out what to promote based on how you've tagged them.

I Guarantee It Will Increase Your Sales — Here's How It Has For Me...

Here's an example of how I'm using this plugin on my own website. I've identified 3 people in my database — each at a different stage of my funnel — and I'd like to show you Conversion Funnel for Wordpress in action.

The default behavior is to show my free email course opt-in form. If someone stumbles upon my site, my primary goal is to get them in my database. All I need to do is define a primary call-to-action within Wordpress, and new visitors will see this.

First, there's Mary. She recently joined my newsletter, and made her way back to my blog. Instead of seeing my newsletter opt-in form (which would make no sense to show), she's going to see an offer for my introductory ebook.

Next is Tom. He's already bought my book, but I'd like to now offer him an existing customer discount on my second book. When he visits the same website Mary was just on, he's going to instead see an ad for my second book.

Finally, we have Paul. He's an über customer and has bought both of my books. I have a premium Masterclass that I want to promote to him, and he's the perfect candidate since he's already received a lot of value from my work. When he visits my website, he's going to see an exclusive promotion that only my best customers ever see.

See how easy and incredibly profitable this could be for you?

Here are a few more ways that you could use Conversion Funnel For Wordpress:

  • Does your newsletter link to your blog? Subscribers could see a "refer your friend" form, and those who are forwarded your post would see your opt-in.
  • Do you have a high-touch sales process? You could show targeted and relevant content that reflects what stage of the sales process they're currently in.
  • Do you want to show particular content on your site based on the visitor's segmentation?
  • If you use retargeting, you could tag people based on what stage of your funnel they're in. This means that unknown subscribers could see a banner for your free email course as they surf around the web, and subscribers could see ads for your paid products.

And since we're storing the InfusionSoft contact ID on Wordpress, as tags change within InfusionSoft the promotions they see on your website will change accordingly.

It's that easy. Just install the plugin, setup your funnel and call-to-actions, plug in your InfusionSoft API key, and you're on your way to making your website as intelligent as your email marketing.

Your purchase includes a year of priority email support and updates. If you have any questions about the plugin, please email us.

Purchased? Here are the instructions to get you up and running.